My friend (and sworn enemy) Akie Bermiss sings this lyric about “space and time”. Or is it time and space? I mean, I know the lyric to his song, mainly because I ripped his recording of it off of Youtube and downloaded it to my phone, like a real frenemy. But, it’s so poignant because that idea of space, of time, traverses across so many different thoughts. For me, it leads to a place of self-discovery; mainly in the idea that sometimes, some things, and some people (and things), need space…and time.

There’s a certain level of distance needed for perspective. Being in the thick of the storm makes it very difficult to see the edge of it. The ending can be looming around the corner, but depending on the angle in which you stand, you may not be able to see the depths in which that storm runs. So, fear sets in. Where do run to when it feels any direction is a bad one? Who do you run to in the storm when uncertainty sets in and a safe space doesn’t feel like an option? Some choose God. Others choose pills or alcohol. Some choose lovers, or their homies, or their girlfriends. Others choose books, or music. Some choose cutting themselves, and some choose hurting others. I wonder, how many choose space and time?

Situations and people have a distinct way of showing themselves in the meat of the heat. But, sometimes the only true way to witness this is to stand still, and away, from whatever you’re surrounded in. Perspectives get a lot cleaner and clearer when we can observe them with the distance needed to make a decision that feels and sits most upright with our spirits. We cannot control the past, or predict the future. We can, however, direct our present on a daily basis. It’s the space offered to any issue that allow you to flourish in its outcome. It’s taking the time needed to heal from that issue that allows us to fully assess what happened to us when it did in order to feel more comfortable in similar settings again. Frankly, there is nothing new under the sun. Divine karma lives out in us every day, right? What we have gone through, others have gone through as well. We sit here, living out past lives and dreams and expectations and worries that we carry around with like some sort of existential knapsack, passing along its contents to the next soul that shuffles over. But, what I’ve begin to realize that in order to receive the fullness of the experience, both past and presently, we have to begin with giving things the space and time to breathe. I like the human body and nature because they tell us everything we need about where we need to go and be. Scars need time to heal. The sun needs time to rise. Plants need space in soil to grow in their proper forms. There is space between seasons. There is space between galaxies and planets. All things follow the same rules according to the rules of the universe. Why do we humans think we could possibly be exempt? Nah, son. You can see the shift in the experience when there’s a removal of yourself from it, both mentally and physically. And well, that takes time. And space.

Or, is it space and time. Maybe Akie knows. Or maybe he doesn’t…because, frenemy.

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