Jadakiss, Master of Ceremony

Jadakiss Deserves His Flowers

The emcee may need to be in all of our Top 5 DOA’s after that Verzus masterclass

7 min readAug 13, 2021


I started on Twitter. That’s where all news starts for me. Weeks prior, I had been following the back and forth on Instagram though — Styles P, aka the Ghost and more conscious member of the prolific rap group The Lox, and Jim Jones, once Cam’ron hype man and mouthpiece turned certified rap star, were at each others necks with a slew of disrespectful memes over Instagram, each seasoned veteran going tit-for-tat in a friendly battle in preparation for the Lox vs Dipset Verzuz to be held at Madison Square Garden. I’d been paying attention, but there seemed to be some more pertinent battles going on in the world grabbing our attention: vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers; racists vs anti-racists, scientists vs hoteps. The world has been a consistent dumpster fire for a little over two years. The battle was on my radar but the Verzuz battles — the online-turned-live and in-person-platform where artists put their catalogs up against each other and battle it out in a friendly competition — had lost its energy for me. 50 Cent taunted Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s venture at one point, proclaiming that the once heralded event lost its luster because people wanted to be outside and no longer cared nor wanted to be in the house watching artists share their songs on a stage online…



Joel Leon.

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