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he/him. @tedtalks giver. @EBONYmag / @medium writer. @frankwhiteco . creative. @taylorstrategy senior copywriter. @thecc_nyc 21’ class. @twloha board. #BRONX


  • Davison Ng'andu

    Davison Ng'andu

  • Shannon Stroud

    Shannon Stroud

    Human | Dog Mom | Photographer — Just a creative gal surviving in tech world.

  • OldManNana


    A Creative Innovator, a BIG Thinker. A Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos N Thomas Edilson FAN. A Writer | Concepts | Visionary GUY. I am OLD, #Vintage

  • Namrata Tanwani

    Namrata Tanwani

    Curious. Curious about data, curious about its science, curious about why my dog doesn’t love me back. Usually found listening to stories humans share.

  • Pelonomi Hlanze

    Pelonomi Hlanze

  • Maura McNamara

    Maura McNamara

    Artist and seeker. Host of The Unbroken Chain podcast.

  • Jinny Kwon

    Jinny Kwon

    I am an inquisitive and creative data scientist based in Atlanta. I am also a novice horticulturist when I am not on my screen. HIRE ME!

  • Monica Leisey

    Monica Leisey

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